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International companies incrementally adapt business logistics through wide package of procedures and functions in order to transform its business through creativity and sustainable growth beside optimal investment of company's resources.
Our Values

We provide business logistics solutions which focus on clients in creative manner for leading government, profit and non profit companies and organizations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We adapted the same for the past decade through development of business field know-how. We specifically focus on improving client experience; simplify administrative procedures, increase productivity and create positive impact on revenue.

Your company, when logistics are outsourced from Holool Aloula, can target increase of its sales, basic administrative works, develop new products, expand in international markets, enhance client services and develop business in international markets.

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In order to be among the leaders of market, we choose competition so as we are recognized as most trusted partner of clients in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are willing to realize this objective through simplifying complex administrative processes through creativity and operational excellence.

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Business Logistics Processes

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Human Resources Solutions

Our human resources scope of services encompasses logistics, operation and all levels of recruitment. Such scope include selection and recruitment of candidate subject to high standards and rendering integrated services in relation to human resources issues.

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Solicitation of Competencies and Experiences

This service allows business organization the ability to solicit optimal necessary competencies in order to accomplish strategic plans. This service is rendered through package of professional tools based on best latest parties for marketplace competencies mining.
Furthermore, we seek to nationalize employments through mining suitable candidate having national competencies of both genders.

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Holool Aloula is a regional leader in the commercial services market that covers business process outsourcing, IT solutions, training, and consulting.