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Holool Aloula Company is interested in providing solutions and consulting services to all customers, including the technology and services of call centers that are the most advanced and of a high level of quality.
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We are working to provide the best programs and products for call centers to keep pace with digital transformation and the development of call center technology.

Call center

Call Center Service "NCBS"

It is one of the most important services that the National Company for Business Solutions is characterized by, and the most important services provided by this unit are:

  • Establishing and equipping call centers, customer service, and caring for subscribers.
  • Managing and operating call centers, customer service and subscribers care.
  • Providing trained and qualified human resources to work in call centers to better serve customers.
  • Providing software, systems, and platforms for operating call centers, customer experiences and subscribers care.
  • Providing interactive automatic response systems through sound and image. IVR
  • Provide a Call Recording System.
  • Provide customer relationship management systems (CRM) and their integration with the call center management platform.
  • Providing reporting systems for the performance of call centers and monitoring screens.
  • Standardized training and continuous quality for call centers, customer service and subscriber care.
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Why Holool Aloula?

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Distinguished experiences and capabilities

In Holool Aloula, we have high experience in managing and developing call centers as we work to meet the desires and ensure that our client is provided with the needs using the best systems and work to keep pace with the supportive technical development to reduce costs and raise productivity.

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Professional staff

We are professionally providing employees with the required experience, skills and high knowledge to provide satisfying experience services to our clients while providing technical support services in both Arabic and English.

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Technical support service is available 24/7

Holool Aloula provides 7/24 call center options.

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Call center

The latest technology

Our call center is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh equipped with the latest technical means of communication that support incoming and outgoing calls, chat, email, social networks, as well as an automatic chatting system.

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Ensuring customer satisfaction with the service

Our employees are specially trained in customer relationship management and respond to their inquiries in a professional manner, which guarantees you customer satisfaction.

We also strive to develop and provide innovative services and automation to ensure customer satisfaction and business continuity.

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Holool Aloula is a regional leader in the commercial services market that covers business process outsourcing, IT solutions, training, and consulting.